Permaculture, Transition and Biodiversity at the Green Festival

Activities in 2012 include:
  • The second Workers Educational Association sustainability conference will be held at the Green Festival on the saturday. As part of this from 2-3pm there will be a green question time with panelists including our local MP, a green party representative and a transition towns activist. Come and put your questions to us!
  • Newcastle University and Newcastle College will run an array of hands on activities.
  • The National Trust are bringing the victorian to the park this year- running victorian games for people to have a go at.
  • Transition Towns and Permaculture have brought a new element to the festival this year, a comfy (and warm!) space for talks, discussions and practical activities. See programme below for more details.
  • All the usual green and eco organisations were on site with stalls, information and hands on activities for you to try...


Cycle City at the Green Festival!

Cycle city activities include:
  • Mountain bike forest track! for all ages. Bikes provided, also balance bikes for young children new to cycling. As with all activities, this is FREE!
  • Get your bike checked by the Bike Doctor
  • Learn basic bike maintenance with Re-cyke ur bike
  • Explore the city on short guided bike rides starting from the festival

Thanks to M. Steels, Re-cyke ur bike, WAT bike and Bike Right for making this area happen!

Cycle City would also like to extend a heartfelt thanks to Newcastle City Council, who have kindly provided funding for the mountain bike forest track, which will be at the festival on the Saturday.

Permaculture and Transition Tent

At this years Green Festival there is a new annual feature - The Permaculture and Transition tent. The space will be a Bell Tent this year with a programme of talks and demonstrations lined up. There will be cushions, herb teas, books, chat and lots of information about all things Permaculture and Transition across the North East. Come along and take a seat and get involved or just listen to any of the following...

Saturday June 2nd
1pm Fiona and Gill - Proggy Mats, from rags to riches
2pm John Watson - Community based Renewable Energy Schemes
3pm Richard Shelley - Sustainable Economics and Positive Money
4pm Joe Atkinson - Permaculture Association and LAND
5pm Michael Crilly - Community Land Trusts

Sunday June 3rd
1pm Mark Ridsdill Smith - Vertical Veg and Container Growing
2pm Jennifer Liggitt - Nappy free Babies
3pm Beth Currie - Peg Rugs and Sheep Fleeces
4pm Steve Day - From Findhorn to a Place To Be
5pm Helen Jarvis - Alternatives to Housing and Ruth Hayward - Living for a Future
More demonstrations and workshops are to be finalised. You can contact Wilf, the organiser of this space, at anytime during the festival to find out what is happening at that moment on 07906439084
Come and drink herb teas, see the solar cooker fry eggs, feed the kelly kettle twigs, listen to green poetry, get involved in basket making or spoon carving. There is lots happening in this area. I look forward to seeing you there. Thanks to the Permaculture Association for paying for the tent.
Wilf Richards
North East Permaculture Network