Circus Area
The circus area is going all T.A.Z. (Temporary Autonomous Zone) this year. What that means is that we are not stageing a specific circus area but spreading our sillyness through the event and jumping onto the Lakeside, Green and bandstand stages.

Keep Your Eyes Well and Truly Peeled for the following.......
The circus area will once again be hosted by local performance troupe Lunatricks. These Geordie jugglers will be on hand to introduce the acts, teach all comers a vast raft of silly skills and throw things about in a stylish manner.


A swashbuckling, rip-roaring, crazy, flaming, fun for all the family, action packed show. Performed with much macho zeal by the one and only SIDESHOW STEIVE.
Dangerous Knives juggling, mad body burning, amazingly crushing feats of bravery and danger performed on a bed of nails!!!
Kilt - CHECK. Huge Muscles - CHECK. Danger - CHECK
Warped Humour - CHECK.

Following on from their beutiful, funny and endearing performances last year Newcastle Community Green Festival is over the blue moon to once again welcome our good friends from the School For Fools.
These clowns have a group based in Gateshead who perform all manner of mask, mime, commedia dell'arte and clown. They will be doing two performances a day of a sneek preview of their new touring work "Booomba Down The Tyne". Im really excited about this and so should you be.
The Fools and their clown Sensei Pady O'Connor, the Splinter to their turtles, if you will, cordially invite you to join them as twice a day they will run Clown Games sessions where you can come and have a play while learning the essence of what they do. One session will be a drop in for anyone to join and the second session will be a more focused group for people with an interest in circus, theater, drama or simply having a wonderful and silly time.

Big ones, little ones, SQUARE ONES?!! When it comes to bubbles Jesse has it covered. A student of the little known art of bubbleology, Jesse can create magical effects with little more than a bit of soap and some water. Prepare to be delighted by her act and amazed by what YOU can do during a bubble play session - for kids of all ages 0 - 1000.

Our very own 'Queen of the swingers', Ms C.H. LaBonche - Harvey is an aerialist and teacher of aerial at Circus Central and the FIve Ring Youth Circus.
On Sunday you can ask her nicely and she may let you have a go on her TRAPEZZE!! It doesnt get much cooler than that.....until you see her PERFORMANCE. Strength, grace, skill. Jaws will drop, eyes will buldge, children screen with delight and everyone declares "I want to do that".

Try your hand at juggling, hula hoop, devil sticks, plate spinning, bubbles, stilts, diablo and more.
Weird wheels - We will have a whole range of bizarre wheeled objects for you to have a go on, unicycles, wrong bikes, clown bikes, tiny bikes and more.

Whispers and rumors. Best trick/ stupidest trick competition, magic, multi-juggles, people flying through the air and extra special workshops are all possibilities. More news as it happens.