Green Stage

The best and most diverse mix of musical talent that our city and its communities have to offer, ranging from the most current and topical styles and sounds to exercise your endorphins, right back to the music that has helped shape and define the region which we know as home. So if you are partial to a well-honed Banjo, in the mood for getting wild and ‘ganning mental’ to some Geordie Hip-Hop, as well as being an avid consumer of all styles from South African fusion, through swing jazz, throwing in a hint of quirky synth pop and a brass band bonanza, you get a taste of the musical flavours we have to tantalise your eardrums. A truly eclectic spectacle for your satisfaction, from excitable, keen children right through to the most experienced and regular festival goer!


3.00 - 3.20

Ruth Lambert Quartet

3:40 - 4:00

King Bee

4:15 – 4:35

Dan ‘Banjo Man’ Walsh

4:55 – 5:20

Bridie Jackson And The Arbour

5:40 – 6:05

Peculiar Disco Moves

6:25 – 6:50

Tomahawks For Targets



Bungalow Road


Skylark Song


Lee Paul Band


Northern Monkey Brass Band


Gingersnap and The Style Pile


So What Robot


Baron And Breeze