Circus Area


Ok my dearest dears. Here is a smattering of the Smörgåsbord of silly, smooth and SPEKTACULAR circusy goodness we are laying on for you. Excitingly, all of our performances and workshops will be conducted by local talent. All super friendly, talented, toned and volunteers to boot. My my, how I love the Green Festival and how it brings people together. I will be right back after a little weep.

There, all better and refreshed. The circus area is moving down to takeover the Lakeside area. My word what big shoes to fill. Pangea Sound System have ROCKED the Lakeside for years so we intend to do something a little different while they create the Green fests supernew, super good Green Stage.

So check out below to see what performances and workshops we have for all you lovely lovely greenies.


Jesse Ward, blower of bubbles and shaper of soap will be returning with her awesome bubble shows on both Sat and Sunday. Her first show will be at 1:30pmm on the Saturday outside the kids tent. To be followed immediately after at 2pm by the childrens parade. A small and lively jaunt round the festival to end in a secret location to watch an extra special circus show, to thank all the kids, their friends and families for giving us such a beautiful parade. So well done you lot.


Students and teachers from Hang Aerial Dance and Circus Central Aerial Group will be flying through the trees on ropes, silks, hoops and trapezes. .

Newcastle Slackline Communitys finest wobble like drunk kings in a new show especially created for the Green Festival.

Performers from Newcastles very own Five Ring Youth Circus will be showing us how the new generation do it. Hula hoops, rolla bolla, juggling clubs, acrobatics, knives and er....yogurts? We are super please to have FOUR! yes FOUR performances form these delightfull circlettes.

Two amazing and differant hula perofrmances from Lulu La Bonche and Ditzy La Bonche ,

plus aerial antics from Frinzi and a madcap show of highly skilled delights from the La Bonche Brothers .

You probably know her better as a beutiful singer lady. And if you dont know her in this capacity then check out her set at 12midday on Sunday on the Green Stage, but we know her as poi spinner Georgia Porja and its another brand new performance specially created for the green fest 2013. (Unfortunatly Georgia has broken her foot and will not be spinning this year. Watch out for her in 2014 though!!!)

Hoop da Loop, wow this has a world of spinny rotating wonderment. Two fancy hula ladies - Penella Bee (Studio Q) and Little Reeba (Northern Line), have teamed up with one of the big hits from last years circus performances - Ovi the acrobat (Northern Line), to create a new show.

Bringing fire performance back to the Green festival the ladies from Hoop da Loop will also be presenting a fire skills performance.

After last years thrilling multi-generational show

(see here and the gut wrenching finale here,

our very own tame circus freak Nat Lunatrick and his tiny clone LokiTrick will be presenting a new show created especially for the Green Festival called "The Science of MESS!" and yes that does mean they will be making a mess. Cmon, everyone loves mess. Mad scientists/ robots gone haywire/ custard pie throwing machines/ monkeys on space rockets and a full on trajectory multi-mess finale!!

and closing the circu sareas performances on Sunday at 5 we welcome back Newcastles bendiest man - Magician, street performer and escapologist Chris Cross. He has defeated a wide selection of contenders in a variety of bizarre contests, including the Hairy Bikers, Mike Tyson and will be facing up to Boba Fett from Star Wars in the near future so dont miss this opportunity to see something genuinely weird.

And if all this wasnt enough......


We will be running workshops is a huge range of circus disciplines. Unicycling, juggling, hula hoop, poi, aerial, bubbles, plates, staff, devil sticks and a whole area devoted to slacklines. So put that beer/ veggie burger/ clinical auditing paperwork down and come and do something less boring instead!!

Oh and and..., I know, I cant believe there is more either!

Please go and have a chat to the delightful doyen of both the La Bonche family and the Five Ring Youth Circus, Madamme La Bonche, who will be collecting stories of the North East and Green Festivals circus history. If you have any photos/ promo from previous circus performances or events in the North east she would love to hear from you come find her next to the little circus box trailer.

Saturday 1st of June:



Head to the circus area to have a go on a wide variety of circus toys. Juggling, plate spinnig, poi, hula hoop, unicycles, slacklining and more. 

And/Or get ready for the childrens parade by making yourself a mask or a musical instrument in the kids tent.

Gorgia Porja Poi performance, followed by poi workshop.

Meet at the Kids tent for Jesse's bubble show and to get togeather for the Childrens Parade
Circus area heads off to join the Childrens Parade. Leaves from the kids tent at 2pm. Walks with flags waving, circus performers doing what they do and stilt walkers walking round the festie site
2:20 - 2:30 ish start

Kids parade arrives in circus area. 

Slackline performance. La Bonche Brothers performance. Frinzi Performance.


Hang Aerial Workshops.

Come and have a go at hanging aroung like a trapeze artist as our resident experts will be on hand to help you to try out our circus in the trees.


Ditzy La Bonche Hula Show

Followed by.....

Hula hoop workshop/trickswap.

Like hula hoop and want to meet others who hoop? Learn new tricks. Absoloute beginner and want to learn from the best?


Hang Aerial Circus Performance



Lulu La Bonche - Hula Perofrmance

Circus Area Closes.

Sunday 2nd of June


Head to the circus area to have a go at a wide variety of sillyness. Juggling, poi, slacklines, stilts and whatnot.

These workshops will continue throughout the day, inbetween the shows.


Hoop da Loop performance.

Hula hoop and acrobatics

Followed by hula hoop workshop with the ladies from Hoop da Loop


Prf. Messybum and his robot 'Naughty 5000'

"Science of Mess Show"

Come and see a riot of daft science and serious mess making


Hoops Da Loop Fire Show



Slackline Monkey Show

Jesse Bubble Show

The La Bonche Bros. Show
Chris Cross